We specialise in Fine French wines for the consumer as well as the Wine Trade. Julian White set up the agencies in 1990 after 12 years in wholesale and distribution. Today, the Agency has a number of exclusive Châteaux and Domaines which it represents in the United Kingdom.

The Wines, Champagnes and Spirits are available directly Ex Cellars for shipment to you. This way saves you the 'middlemen costs'. Send for a current tariff in Euros. We will also quote you for the shipping and delivery from the vineyard to your office or home.

Why go to the effort of crossing the Channel?

The cost of making the journey and paying the French shop price plus French VAT will make you stop and think. Usually, to make the journey worthwhile, you buy more than your current needs.

Quite understandably, you will need to ship a quantity because transport costs are geared to orders of 300 bottles or more. This is not a problem if you are requiring 'Office Quantities'; or how about grouping an order with your friends? Some of the French growers also have a number of different wines and you can mix your orders.

If you have a wedding on the horizon we can send you champagne for prices starting at 11 Euros (around £7.90) to which you need to add around £4.20 to cover transport and taxes (Payable in the UK). And you haven't had to go to the expense of driving over to the Continent.